Nishant Rohela

I am an achiever....a charmer....a bit crazy about life...and yes always naughty. I beleive in living life to the fullest....I may not be so impressive at first glance...but beleive me I always leave an impression.

I am always loyal to the people who I think are right.....but I am always furious with those who don't live up to my just be cautious when I am around.

The best thing in me are my eyes....really expressive....and the worst thing about me are again my eyes....because my expressions can be lethal at times.

I never argue with fools, they bring u down to their level n then beat u with experience....... Lightning strikes faster than sound, thats y some people appear to be bright until they open their mouths. So if ur one of them, dont bother msging me

I love gadgets and love PHOTOGRAPHY a lot...!

Love to workout in GYM and when not around you can always catch me in the GYM...I have a never give up attitude....I am a bit secretive....a sharp thinker....and always just be ready to tell me each and every secret of urs.....JUST BE HAPPY & ENJOY LIFE as times are both good & learn from the bad ones and keep hold of the good ones.....!


CreativeSincereHardworking PersonHonestExcellent Listening PowerPunctual